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Small Craft Construction

The articles we don't own, you may request by printing a copy of the bibliographic citation information including title of journal, article, author, volume and page numbers. Bring the paper to the front desk with your name and email address written on it. Allow 7-10 business days to receive.

Rudder Magazine - library owns 1943-1957, 1964-1977
Years 1891-1950 are indexed here.

Woodenboat - library owns 1974 to the present
There are paper indexes shelved with the magazines or go here.

Professional Boatbuilder - library owns 1989 to the present
For indexing, go here. Only the titles of articles are searched in the Search Description bar so think broadly and generally.

Messing About in Boats - library owns 1988 to the present
The articles are indexed here. You may search the title of every article ever published or just the ones available online. Use the Edit/Find functions to perform your search.

Boating World - library owns 1991-Jan 2002
The issues may be browsed online, but as of yet, there is no search function. Go to Archives, choose Boats, and look for the type of boat to browse articles.

Boating - library owns 1970 to the present
To search the articles go here. Click Archive at the top left of the page. Click one of the four categories. Some require a download. Look at the alpha list or use the Edit/Find functions to find information.

Cruising World - library owns 1975 to the present
Indexing is available here and appears to go back to 1995. Use the Search box at the top of the page or or click Boats and Gear in the left column, Reviews and Previews.

Sailing World - library owns 1986-1994, 1996 to the present
Indexing is available here. Use the Search box or click Boats and Gear in the left column, Reviews and Previews.

See also, Maritime Journals. This is a list of all maritime related journals the library subscribes to and the databases that index them. Searching the databases will yield more articles than are available in paper in the library.


Try a subject search in the library catalog on boatbuilding. You may browse the six related subjects or the various subtopics. Also try boats and boating - design. Many items are located in the VM 300s. To search a specific boat design or construction method, do a word search, but don't be discouraged if no results appear. There is limited descriptive information for books in the library catalog. Often the best method is to think more broadly and identify a general call number area. Go to the stacks (2nd floor), pull some books off the shelf, and check the indexes and tables of contents for the particular design or method you are researching.

Other searches that work include a word search on boat* design. Only do subject searches if you know the exact subject heading. You may click the subject headings at the bottom of relevant records to bring up all items having the same subject heading or main idea.


The information from and can be trusted, but there are plenty of websites published by amateurs. See evaluating websites for help analyzing and determining whether a website should be used. Try here for websites that have actually been chosen and indexed by people, not computers.


Citing Resources
Examples for all kinds of documents/citation styles here. Or, try an automatic citation generator. The generators, according to the authors, do make errors. Check the results against the APA and MLA websites.










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