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NS 321 - Weather Routing


Accident Reports
In the Library Catalog, you can do a Subject Search on Marine Accidents. As of January 2010, there were 103 titles in our library having Marine Accidents as a main idea or subject heading. Underneath the subject heading Marine Accidents, you will find additional subject terms that begin with Marine Accidents and become more specific (Marine Accidents Australia, Marine Accidents Case Studies). Feel free to browse these subject headings to find your geographical region or area of interest.

If you don't want to browse the subject terms and are interested, say, in marine accidents in Massachusetts, do a Keyword Search using those words. With keyword searches, you don't have to know the exact subject heading. Keyword searches pull your words from the title, subject headings, table of contents and other fields. Go to the shelves and flip through the reports to determine if the accident was weather related.

Most of the accident reports you'll use fall in the VK377-VK378 range. These are located in the Main or circulating collection on the top floor. Other reports may be in microfiche in the basement. We have a reader/scanner in the basement to access these and you can email the pages to yourself or print them. Please ask if you need assistance locating anything or using the fiche reader/scanner.



Library Catalogs

Nutting Memorial Library Catalog
Try a Keyword Search on the name of your ship.

This is a catalog of the libraries in Maine. You may request items yourself with the number on the back of your student ID.

This is a catalog of libraries in the United States and some in Europe.



Ship Specifications

ABS Record
This on-line database provides a detailed listing of all vessels and offshore installations currently in class with ABS. Included with each listing are the principal particulars of the vessel or installation and information on the machinery, hull, capacities, builder, owner and ABS Survey particulars. The database also contains listings for vessels with load line statutory certificates that are not ABS classed.

Lloyd's Register of Ships
You'll need to be in the library to use this. Ask the person on duty to log you in as our contract does not allow us to give out passwords.



Mariner's Weather Log
Click Table of Contents. Of special interest is the Marine Weather Review section, covering major storms and weather activity in different regions of the world. Many issues also have a section called Shipwrecks. Shipwrecks may refer to accidents or rotting hulks, wrecked from age. You will find a picture of the ship and history describing what the ship was used for, and any incidents, including weather related, that affected the ship.

The library owns it in hardcopy from 1970-2000. The issues are in the basement, shelved alphabetically by title. It's available online from August 1998. New issues are released three times per year.




Lloyd's List
You'll need to be in the library to use this. Click Log In (upper right) and ask the person on duty to log you in. Our contract does not allow us to give out passwords. Once you're logged in, click Advanced Search (beneath search bar, upper right).

  1. In the exact phrase bar, type in the name of your ship.

  2. Specify your date range. The default on Lloyd's List is the previous seven days.

Most of these articles will be in full text. What isn't, can be ordered by the library free of charge.


Proquest Newspapers
Proquest covers hundreds of national and international newspapers and goes back twenty to thirty years depending on the publication. Most of the articles are in full-text. What isn't, can be ordered free of charge. Some of the ships on your list are mentioned in ProQuest.

  1. Get into ProQuest Newspapers, click the Advanced Search tab, and type the name of your ship in quotation marks to insure it's searched as a phrase.

  2. Where it says Date Range :All Dates, change All Dates to Specific Date Range. Try a couple days before the accident to one month or more after the accident.

If you're off campus, register for a username and password to access this database and dozens of others offered through the state of Maine.




Databases and Journals to Search
From the library home page, under Articles, click databases by subject. There is an All Subjects/Multidisciplinary category, a Marine Transportation category, an Engineering category and others. Some of the journals require passwords and must be accessed in the library. Off campus? Register for a username and password to access databases paid for by the state of Maine. To access databases paid for by the library off campus, change your computer's proxy settings.

Web Searching
Try this search in Google to find names of ships in weather-related disasters: weather marine accidents
Evaluate the site before you use it.

Try Easy Bib or Son of Citation Machine.











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