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Maritime Studies Research Guide

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

REF HE 567.B65 1986
Dictionary of Shipping International Trade Terms & Abbreviations

REF HE 567.B68 1994
Dictionary of Shipping Terms

REF HE 567.S9 1995
Marine Encyclopedic Dictionary

REF HE 745.D39 1994
Historical Dictionary of the US Merchant Marine & Shipping Industry

REF Q 121.M3
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology

REF V 23.I58
Glossary of Marine Technology Terms

REF V 23.J36
Jane’s Dictionary of Naval Terms

REF V 23.K3 1993
Fairplay Book of Shipping Abbreviations

REF V 23.L467 1994
Facts on File Directory of Nautical Terms

REF V 23.M25
Encyclopedia of Nautical Knowledge

REF V 23.N6
Naval Terms Dictionary

REF V 23.O9
Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea

REF V 23.P24 1997
Ships of the World

REF V 23.S6 1996
Sailor’s Word-Book

REF VK 235.B78 1996
Illustrated Dictionary of Cargo Handling

REF VK 555.T88 1987
Norton Encyclopedic Dictionary of Navigation

REF HE 191.4 G15 1999
G-7 Countries: Transportation Highlights

REF VM 12 .A23 2000
Aak to Zumbra: a Dictionary of the World’s Water Craft

Almanacs, Yearbooks, and Guides

REF HE 191.4 .T73 1998
Transportation and Public Utilities USA, Industry Analyses

REF HE 551 .O44 1995
Marine Terminal Survey Guidelines

REF HE 552.P6
Lloyd’s Ports of the World

REF HE 566.R64 R576
Ro-Ro Shipping Yearbook

REF HE 630.G7 G75
Greenwood ’s Guide to the Great Lakes

REF HE 735.F347 199-
Fairplay Marine Computing Guide

REF HE 745.S42
Seatrade U.S. Shipping Guide/Yearbook

REF HE 900.A82
Arab Shipping

REF HE 951.C842
Guide to Port Entry

REF HE 951.S5
Ports Annual

REF HF 5770.C6573
Containerisation International Yearbook

Nautical Almanac

Lloyd’s Nautical Yearbook

REF VK 397 .G53 2001
GMDSS Handbook: Handbook on the Global Maritime
Distress and Safety Systems

REF VK 541 .U54 1999
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Seamanship Study Aid CD-ROM

REF VK 799 .U69 1999
Distances Between Ports

REF Z 1223 .Z754 2001
Using Government Information Sources

REF Z 5075 .H47 1999
US Government on the Web: Getting the Information You Need


REF HD 9563.U54 1987
U.S.A. Oil Industry Directory

REF HE 8.F564
Fairplay World Shipping Directory

REF HE 9.U5 N7
Transportation Telephone Tickler

REF HE 561.M36
Maritime Services Directory

REF HE 561. O442 July 2000
Oil and Tanker Market

REF HE 561.W2
World Wide Shipping Guide

REF HE 565.A3 D5
Motor Ship Directory

REF HE 565.A3 F347
Shipmanagers’ Guide

REF HE 565.A3 L7
Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Maritime Guide

REF HE 565.A3 L7
Lloyd’s Register of Shipping List of Shipowners

REF HE 566.R64 R576
Ro-Ro Shipping Yearbook

REF HE 588.7.G842 1989/90
Guide to International Ship Registers & Ship Management Services

REF HE 603.C375 199-
Capital for Shipping

REF HE 603 .S55
Shipping Finance Annual

REF HE 873 .A835 2002
Asia Pacific Shipping Directory

REF HE 915 .A97 2001
Australasian Shipping Directory

REF HE 951.L56
Lloyd’s Maritime Directory

REF TA 1215.E986
European Intermodal Yearbook: Directory of Intermodal Trans.

REF TK 5105.875.I57 F357
Fairplay Internet Guide

REF VM 455 .I58 2001
INTERTANKO Fleet and Ports Directory

VM 55 .U675
World Tanker Fleet and Ports Directory

Ship Registers

REF HE 565.A3 L7
Lloyd’s Register of Ships

REF HE 565.U5 A2
Merchant Vessels of the United States

REF HE 565.U5 A55
Record of the Amer. Bureau of Shipping

REF HE 565.U5 M56
MSC Ship Register

REF HE 565.U73 F55
Offshore Service Vessels

REF HE 566.C6 S740
The World’s Containership Fleet and Its Operations

REF HE 566.F7 B8
Bulk Carrier Register

REF HE 566.S4 O35
Offshore Service Vessel Register

REF HE 566.T3 L55
Liquid Gas Carrier Register

REF HE 566.T3 R4
Tanker Register

REF HE 566.T8 F54
Offshore Tugs

REF HE 588.7.G842 1987
Guide to International Ship Registers

REF HE 588.7 .G85 2001
International Ship Registers Directory

Illustrated Directories and Registers

REF TA 359.J35
Jane’s High Speed Marine Craft

REF TA 1215. J34
Jane’s Containerisation Directory

REF VM 391.J36
Jane’s Merchant Ships

REF VM 431.D39
Dayton’s Guide to Fishing Vessels

REF VM 466.035 D39
Dayton’s Guide to Offshore Support Vessels

Maritime Law

REF JX 4408.I57 1986v.1-5
International and U.S. Documents on Oceans Law and Policy

REF JX 4408.I58 1990
Ratification of Maritime Conventions

REF JX 4411.O21
Oceans Policy Study Series

REF JX 4411.P36
International Law of the Sea: A Bibliography

REF JX 4421.L38 1983
The Law of the Sea (U.N.)

REF JX 4422.U5
American Maritime Cases

REF JX 4446.C37
Cases On the Law of the Sea

REF K 1150.L453
Fairplay Legal Directory

REF K1150.W67
World Shipping Laws

REF K 1155.4.M36 1987
Maritime Law Handbook

REF K 1168.T47 1988
Marine Cargo Claims

REF K 1176.A92
Society of Maritime Arbitrators Awards

REF K 3588.A4 M362 1991
MARPOL 73/78

REF K 3589.25.B384 1993
Marine Environmental Law

REF K 4025.4.T7
Transport Laws of the World

REF K 4163.3 1974 A2 1992

REF KD 1098.3.L56
Lloyd’s Law Reports

REF KD 1815.L65 1978
Aspinall’s Reports of Maritime Cases 1870-1940

REF KD 1819.I92 1984
Dictionary of Shipping Law

REF KD 1834.S4 B7
Maritime Law of Salvage

REF KF 1099
Compilation of Maritime Laws

REF KF 1099 1998
Merchant Marine Act of 1936

REF KF 1103.L8
Cases and Materials on Admiralty

REF KF 1104.D3
Maritime Law Deskbook

REF KF 1121.N64 1985
Law of Seamen

REF KF 2172.A2 U5X
National Transportation Safety Board Decisions

REF KF 2531.A3
Marine Laws—Navigation & Safety

REF KF 2606.A553 v.1—
Federal Maritime Commission Reports

REF TK 5105.875.I57 U83
Useful Web Sites for Maritime Law and Risk Management


REF K 4178.D3 A25 1990 v.1-4
International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

REF KF 62 (yr.) & REF KF 62.U5
U.S. Code & U.S. Code Annotated

REF KF 70.A3
Code of Federal Regulations

REF KF 2549.A355
Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars

Statistical Information

REF HE 202.5 .T747
Transportation Statistics Annual Report

REF HE 242 .U5
Annual Bulletin of Transport Statistics

REF HE 366 .T8 A53
American Tugboat Review

REF HE 561.F437
Fearnleys Review

REF HE 561.F439
World Bulk Fleet

REF HE 561.I52B
Shipping Statistics & Market Review

REF HE 561.I78
Shipping Statistics Yearbook

REF HE 561.P56 A
Platou Report

REF HE 561.W7
World Shipping Statistics (Also on CD)

REF HE 563.A3 L5
Statistical Tables

REF HE 563.A3 S56
Drewry Monthly

REF HE 563.O73
Maritime Transport

REF HE 563.U5 A375
Waterborne Commerce of the United States

REF HE 565.A3 L742
World Casualty Statistics

REF HE 566.P37 S727
Statistics: the Yearbook for Passenger Shipping

REF HE 592 .I588 1992-1997
Casualty Statistics

Paper Indexes (basement) - for less current, and historical references to articles and research

Applied Science & Technology Index

British Maritime Technology Abstracts

Cargo Handling Abstracts

Current Literature in Traffic & Transportation

Current Technology Index (British)

Maritime Research Information Service Abstracts
(to 1981)

Maritime Information Review (Netherlands)

Maritime Studies Current Awareness Bulletin (to 1996)

Ocean Technology and Engineering

Engineering Index Annual

Research Index (British)

Scandinavian Ship Abstracts (to 1984)

Oceanic Abstracts

Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts


Databases - for journal articles and scholarly research

ABYC full text / see a librarian for the password
Academic Search Premier some full text
Business and Company Resource Center some full text
Business Source Premier some full text
Fairplay (journal) full text / see a librarian for the password
IMO Current Awareness Bulletin  
Intertanko full text / see a librarian for the password
Journal of Commerce (journal) full text / see a librarian for the password and location
Lloyd's Directory of Shipowners full text / see a librarian for the password
Lloyd's Register of Ships full text / see a librarian for the password
Lloyd's List (journal) full text / see a librarian for the password
Marad Press Clips full text / see a librarian for the password
TRIS Transportation Research Information Service  


Web Sites

American Merchant Marine Home Page
Includes articles on the history of wartime service of the U.S. Merchant Marine.

American Sail Training Association
Provides details on member vessels and news and schedules of races and events.

Examination Questions for Merchant Mariners
Contains U.S. Coast Guard exam questions, for both deck and engine.

Maritime Engineering Historical Research
Provides information on and illustrations of marine diesel and steam engines and some notable ships. Includes information on the engineers of the Titanic.

Mystic Seaport
Online tour of a 19th-century New England seaport village.

National Maritime Museum (London)
Online tour of the National Maritime Museum in London provides graphics and information from its exhibits and collections. Includes historical information on longitude and time.

Naval Historical Center
Provides information on U.S. naval history.

New England Lighthouses
Includes online photographs of lighthouses in New England.

NOAA Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services
Provides predictions of water levels, tides, coastal currents, and other navigational and meteorological data.

South Street Seaport Museum
Museum tour provides illustrations of and information on 19th-century ships and New York's maritime history.

Westward by Sea
Digital collection of logbooks, diaries, narratives and articles on clipper ships, whaling, life at sea, and other aspects of Americans' travel by sea to the West Coast from 1820-1890.


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