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MA 421 - International Marketing


World Development Indicators is located in the computer room adjoining Quick Hall (first floor). Click the icon on the desktop and make sure that the CD tower is running. Listed below are three possible ways to search the disk.

  1. Click Country Tables and search both Country Profiles and Social Indicators.
  2. Click Time Series Query. Choose the country, series, and period. There are close to 700 series to choose from including industry, manufacturing, and technology statistics. You may do keyword searching of the series data by clicking the Find key. All data charts with your word/s will appear. Choose multiple series data by holding down the ctrl key and pressing enter. After the selections are made, choose View Data. You may highlight a row and create a chart by clicking Chart. The C/N key will abbreviate or list the full name of the selected data table. There is a drop down menu that reads Scientific at the top. That can be changed to numerical units or measures in the thousands or millions.
  3. The hard copy of World Development Indicators available in Reference (Ref. HC 59.15 .W656 2005) is also available on this disk. Browse the table data and find the target country listed amongst other countries.



Globus and NTDB is part of STAT-USA and is only available in full text from the library. From the library home page, go to databases by subject and locate STAT-USA in the International Business and Logistics section. Once in STAT-USA, choose Globus and NTDB, and browse anything under Market and Country Research. Included are Market Reports, Industry Sector Analysis Reports, Country Commercial Guides, and Country Background Notes.



Business Source Premier and Business and Company Resource Center are both listed under databases by subject, International Business and Logistics. Once at the MARVEL page, find either title in the list and click. Off campus, an account needs to be created. In either database, choose Advanced Search. The following search may yield some results.

(investment or business) and climate and your country's name

These words can be typed on one line, or three seperate lines without the word "and." AND is already part of the database, so if the words are typed on three seperate lines, you don't need to type the word "and."

To locate articles on investment trends, you might try:

(industry or investment) and your country's name

As a general rule, when searching article databases, don't change the default search setting in the right hand column. Usually, it will read "keyword" or "word" or in Business Source Premier's case, "Select a Field." The words you type will be taken from the abstract or summary of the article, article title, journal title, subject headings, and other fields.

Many of the articles will be available in full text. The ones that are not may be ordered. Make a copy of the bibliographic information (journal title, volume, pages, author, etc) and put your name on it. Bring it to the front desk and allow approximately 5-10 days to receive.


Library Catalog
Use the library catalog to find materials on business practices, culture, and climate in your country. Do a subject search on business communication. You may also search MaineCat and order materials using the six digit number on the back of your student I.D.



Nutting Memorial Library, Maine Maritime Academy, Box C-1, Pleasant Street, Castine, ME 04420 (207) 326-2263

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