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MA 403 - International Business


Country & Foreign Industry Information

Globus and NTDB is part of STAT-USA and is only available in full text from the library. From the library home page, go to databases by subject and locate STAT-USA in the International Business and Logistics section. Once in STAT-USA, choose Globus and NTDB, and browse anything under Market and Country Research. Included are Market Reports, Industry Sector Analysis Reports, Country Commercial Guides, and Country Background Notes.


World Development Indicators is located in the computer room adjoining Quick Hall (first floor). Click the icon on the desktop and make sure that the CD tower is running. Listed below are three possible ways to search the disk.

  1. The hard copy of World Development Indicators available in Reference (Ref. HC 59.15 .W656 2005) is available on this disk. It may help to browse the hard copy to see what types of information are available. The information on the disk and hard copy is the same.
  2. Click Country Tables and search both Country Profiles and Social Indicators.
  3. Click Time Series Query. Choose the country, series, and period. There are close to 700 series to choose from including industry, manufacturing, and technology statistics. You may do keyword searching of the series data by clicking the Find key. All data charts with your word/s will appear. Choose multiple series data by holding down the ctrl key and pressing enter. After the selections are made, choose View Data. You may highlight a row and create a chart by clicking Chart. The C/N key will abbreviate or list the full name of the selected data table. There is a drop down menu that reads Scientific at the top. That can be changed to numerical units or measures in the thousands or millions.



Company Background Information and Statistics

Type a company name and choose an office or headquarters location. Use the menu on the left for financial statements, names of chief employees, a company history, and names of competitors.

Business and Company Resource Center
From off campus, an account needs to be created. BCRC duplicates much of the information available in Hoovers. Once at the Marvel page, click Business and Company Resource Center. Click Company, and choose All Companies or Ultimate Parent, or search by product and brand name. Once a search is complete, use the menu to the left to find journal articles on the topic. Use the tab menu at the top for statistics and background information. Pay attention to Rankings and Market Share - a useful tool to gage competitors.

Annual Reports
Go to the company's home page and look at the Financials section or do a search on the web for your company's name and "annual report."



Journal Articles

Business and Company Resource Center
Click Advanced Search. If two terms are entered on a line, the database interprets the words as a phrase. Synonyms or related terms may be entered on one line enclosed by parentheses. An asterisk represents any number of letters after the last letter typed.

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That's just one example of how a search could be done.


Business Source Premier
Click the Advanced Search tab. BSP can be manipulated the same way as BCRC. Use the subject terms to the left to narrow a search further. Once an article title is clicked, the subject terms listed in the citation information will start a new search. Additional terms may be added to narrow the results.



Library Catalogs

Try a keyword search on your company's name in our library catalog or MaineCat. Check the publication date of the books; they may be most useful for historical data. Another option is WorldCat, a collection of catalogs across the United States. For WorldCat items, copy the first page of bibliographic information, put your name on it, and bring it to the front desk. Expect a 7-10 day wait. MaineCat items you can order yourself with the barcode number on the back of your student I.D.






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