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Nutting Memorial Library

Interlibrary Loan

Books available in Maine may be found and requested by you through MaineCat. All that is needed is the barcode number on the back of your MMA Identification card. Once a book is requested, it generally takes three to five business days to arrive. We will email or call when it's here. Students are allowed a maximum of ten MaineCat/Interlibrary loan books at any one time. Faculty and staff are allowed a maximum of twenty. MaineCat will deny requests over these limits. There are no renewals for MaineCat items.

For books and other materials not available at Nutting Memorial or through the state of Maine, there's WorldCat. This database provides access to the collections of libraries across the United States and Canada and a few in Europe. You may search for materials and print off the citation information for the needed resources. Bring the information to the front desk and it will be ordered. Expect at least a five to seven business day wait. We'll call or email when the material arrives.

Tip: Libraries are often reluctant to loan cds, dvds, videos, and other multimedia. We will try, but know this ahead of time.

Interlibrary loan books that are damaged or not returned will result in bills for the borrower in an amount set by the lending library, plus a non-refundable Nutting Memorial Library fine of $25.00. If books are returned after billing, the library will attempt to obtain reimbursement for the borrower, but this is entirely dependent on the policies of the lending library. Please be aware that materials requested by you, yet lost in the mail on the way to Nutting Memorial, will be billed to your account. You assume the risk when you request an item. Items lost on the way back to the lending library, after they have been used by you, will be covered by Nutting Memorial. All materials must be returned by the end of the semester.

Students are allowed a maximum of ten MaineCat/Interlibrary loan books at any one time. Faculty and staff are allowed a maximum of twenty.

All Journal Articles
Once you have identified some useful articles using databases by subject or some other means, there are a few steps you may take to try and find the articles.

1. Go to Ejournals@MARVEL to see what is available in full text through the Maine state databases.

2. Go to  ScienceDirect /College Edition, do your search and look for green icons beside journal names or articles, indicating full text.

3. Search for the journal title in the library catalog to see if Maine Maritime Academy subscribes to it.

4. Search the Directory of Open Access Journals.

The library will order what you need. Bring the citation information to the front desk, or email and we will do our best to get you a copy as quickly as possible.

Nutting Memorial Library, Maine Maritime Academy, Box C-1, Pleasant Street, Castine, ME 04420 (207) 326-2263

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