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International Business and Logistics Research Guide

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

REF HB 61 .N49 1991
The New Palgrave : A Dictionary of Economics

REF HD 30.15 .E49 2000
Encyclopedia of Management

REF HD 30.15 .J64 1990
International Dictionary of Management

REF HD 62.4 .S54 1998
The Dictionary of International Business Terms

REF HD 62.7 .H553 2002
Encyclopedia of Small Business

REF HE 147 .T736 1996
Transportation Expressions 1996

REF HF 1001 .C62 2001
Dictionary of Business

REF HF 1001 .E466 1995
Encyclopedia of Business

REF HF 1001 .E467 2001
Encyclopedia of Busine$$ and Finance

REF HF 1002 .K49 1996
Key Words in International Trade

REF HF 1359 .P74 1991
The International Business Dictionary and Reference

REF HF 1373 .G57 1994
The McGraw-Hill Dictionary of International Trade and Finance

REF HF 1373 .R49 2002
A to Z of International Trade

REF HF 5415 .D4873 1988
Dictionary of Marketing Terms

REF HF 5837 .E53 2000
Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns

REF HG 151 .F57 1990
Dictionary of Banking Terms

REF HF 5621 .E77
Dictionary of Accounting

REF HG 4027.3 .W64 1987
The Desktop Encyclopedia of Corporate Finance & Accounting


REF HC 101 .U54
U.S. Industry & Trade Outlook

REF HC 106.5 .A1
U.S. Global Trade Outlook

REF HE 203 .T73
Transportation in America

REF HF 91 .I65 1997
Direction of Trade Statistics

REF HF 1008 .T7 2002
Trade and Development Report

REF HF 1416.5 .J64 1997
Export/Import Procedures and Documentation

REF HF 1456 .U53a 1990-2003
National Trade Estimate ... report on foreign trade barriers

REF HG 4538 .W67 2002
World Investment Report

REF JN 1 .E85 2001
The Europa World Year Book

REF JX 1977 .A2
Review of Maritime Transport

Handbooks and Guides

REF HD 38.15 .B878 2002
Business: the Ultimate Resource

REF HD 38.5 .L615 1994
The Logistics Handbook

REF HD 62.4 .T47 1992
International Management Handbook

REF HF 1533 .E97 1998
The Export Handbook

REF HF 5389 .D65 1995
Doing Business Internationally: The Cross-Cultural Challenges

REF HF 5389 .M67 1994
Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: How to Do Business in Sixty Countries

REF HF 5415.7 .D572 1994
The Distribution Management Handbook

REF HG 173 .D66 1990
Barron's Finance & Investment Handbook

REF HG 1634 .E79 1993
McGraw-Hill's Interest Amortization Tables

REF HG 4009 .H66 1999
Hoover's Handbook of World Business

REF K 563.B87 G85 1997
Guide to International Business Practices


REF HE 9.U5 N7
Transportation Telephone Tickler

REF HF 294 .W75 2001
World Chamber of Commerce Directory

REF HF 3011 .D63 2000
Directory of United States Exporter

REF HF 3012 .D54 2000
Directory of United States Importers

REF HF 5033 .N347 1999-2000
The NAFTA register

REF HF 5780.U6 D57 2001
Directory of U.S. Traffic Managers

REF HF 5780.U6 L645 2001
Logistics Management & Distribution Report. Buyers Guide

Laws and Regulations

REF K 4025.4 .T7
Transport Laws of the World: A Transnational Service

REF KF 62 2000 .A2 2000
U.S. Code

REF KF 62 .U5
U.S. Code Annotated

REF KF 70 .A3
Code of Federal Regulations

REF KF 156 .B53 1968
Black's Law Dictionary

REF KF 240 .O365 1999
Legal Information: How to Find It, How to Use It

REF KF 240 .S783 1986
Legal Research and Writing

REF KF 889 .L35 1987
The Legal Handbook of Business Transactions

REF KF 1411 .N86 1990
Basic Legal Forms for Business

REF KF 6654.599 .U82 2003
U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule

REF KZ 235 .T74
Treaties in Force


REF AY 67.N5 W7
The World Almanac & Book of Facts

REF HA 202 .S7 2002
Statistical Abstract of the United States

REF HC 57 .U66 Oct. 1997-
Monthly Bulletin of Statistics

REF HC 59 .A169 2002
World Economic and Social Survey

REF HC 101 .A13122 2002
Business Statistics of the United States

REF HE 202.5 .T747 1998-2000
Transportation Statistics Annual Report

REF HF 105 .F674 1999
Foreign Trade of the United States

REF HF 1371 .A561 2002
International Trade Statistics

REF HF 1419 .S29 1999
The Demand for Imports and Exports in the World Economy

REF HF 3000 .U173 1984-1996
U.S. Foreign Trade Highlights

REF HF 3011 .D63 2000
Directory of United States Exporters

REF HF 5429.215 .U54 E36 2001
1997 Economic Census

REF HG 4501 .F65 1999
Foreign Direct Investment in the United States

REF HG 4538 .U2 1998
U.S. Direct Investment Abroad

Paper Indexes (basement) - for less current, and historical references to articles and research

Business Periodicals Index

Current Literature in Traffic and Transportation

(online version called “TranWeb”)

Public Affairs Information Service International

Wall Street Journal Annual Index

Databases - for journal articles and scholarly research

ABI Inform  
Business and Company Resource Center ** full text and abstracts
Business Source Premier ** full text and abstracts
EconLit ** full text and abstracts
Hoovers full text
Regional Business News ** full text and abstracts
Science Direct full text and abstracts
STAT-USA * full text / see a librarian for the password
ValueLine Research Center ** full text
Wall Street Journal ** full text

Web Sites

Annual Report Gallery
Provides links to the annual reports and company web sites of 1,000 firms. Most annual reports can be downloaded.
Provides sample business and marketing plans, along with advice on preparing and presenting business plans.

Brazil's Economy
List of library materials on the Brazilian economy.

Bureau of Economic Analysis
Contains national, state, and international economic information. Includes the full text of Survey of Current Business.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Comprehensive source of information on U.S. economics and labor.

Business History (Leiden University)
Contains links to the company history sections of businesses' web sites.

Business in Latin America
Provides links to information resources on Latin American business, arranged by country.

Company Web-Site Locator
Provides links to business home pages, indexed by company name.

Country Commercial Guides
U.S. State Dept. handbook of marketing, investment, and trade data on various countries, including economic and        political trends. Reports are prepared by U.S. embassies.

List of library materials on electronic commerce.

EDGAR is the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval System of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. Provides financial information from company filings, searchable by company name and by type of form.
Provides information on business practices, social customs, and intercultural communication in the nations that trade with the U.S.

Hoover's Online
Provides basic company and financial information on more than 14,000 companies and in-depth profiles of over 4,000 companies. Includes links to news articles and global industry overviews.

Intercultural Communication
List of library materials on communicating across cultures.

International Trade Policy
Online introductory course in international trade policy.

Mexico's Business Climate
List of library materials on the business climate of Mexico.

NASDAQ Stock Market
Provides current stock market data and market performance of individual companies.

OECD Economic Outlook
Analyzes economic trends, growth, and policies of OECD member countries and other major countries. Includes statistics and review articles.

Small Business Administration
Provides useful information for starting, financing, or expanding a small business, including regulations, forms, loan information, and reports and statistics.

State and County QuickFacts
Provides business and population data from the U.S. Census, for individual states and counties.

Trade and Economy: Data and Analysis
Data research and analysis on international and domestic trade and investment from the U.S. Office of Trade and Economic Analysis.




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