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Engineering Research Guide

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

REF GE10 .P67 1996
Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology

REF Q 121.M3 2002 (20v.)
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology

REF Q 121 .T9 1988
Chambers Science and Technology Dictionary

REF Q121 .V3 1988 (2 v.)
Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia

REF Q123 .E 497 2002 (18v.)
Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology

REF Q 123 . M34 1989
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Science and Technology Terms

REF T 19 .E54x
Encyclopedia of How it Works

REF T 47 .M18 1998
The New Ways Things Work

REF T 47 .W3913
The Way Things Work

REF T 56.24 .I53 1990
Industrial Engineering Terminology

REF TA 9 .M36 1983
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Engineering

REF TA 357 .E53 1986 (8v.)
Encyclopedia of Fluid Mechanics

REF TJ 163.28 .M33 2001-
MacMillan Encyclopedia of Energy

REF TK 867 .G66 1985
Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits

REF TK 7804 .E47 1985
Encyclopedia of Electronics

REF TK 7804 .M43 1984
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Electronics and Computers

REF TP 986 .A1 M62 1996
Modern Plastics Encyclopedia

REF TS156.8 .C62 1994
Comprehensive Dictionary of Measurement and Control

Handbooks and Guides

REF T 56.23 .H36 1992
Handbook of Industrial Engineering

REF T 59.5 .S68 1986
Standard Handbook of Industrial Automation

REF TA 151 .B47 1993
Newnes Engineering and Physical Science Pocket Book

REF TA 151 .E424 1996
The Engineering Handbook

REF TA 151 .E8 1989
Eshbach’s Handbook of Engineering Fundamentals

REF TA 151 .H424 1998
The Wiley Engineer’s Desk Reference

REF TA 332 .S73 1995
Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations

REF TA 403.4 .L94 (3 v.)
CRC Handbook of Materials Science

REF TA 459 .A5
Metals Handbook

REF TD 145 .E574 1997
Environmental Engineer’s Handbook

REF TJ 151 .M3 1988
Machinery’s Handbook

REF TJ 151 .M355 2000
Machinery’s Handbook Pocket Companion

REF TJ 151 .M395 1998
Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook

REF TJ 157 .M392 2001
ASME Engineer’s Data Book

REF TJ 163.2 .T49 1995
Handbook of Energy Engineering

REF TJ 163.235 .L64 1984
Energy Handbook

REF TJ 163.3 M85 2001
Practical Guide to Energy Management for Facilities Engineers

REF TJ 163.9 .H35 1985
Handbook of Energy Systems Engineering

REF TJ 213 .C6593 1995
The Control Handbook

REF TJ 230 .M43 1985
Mechanical Design and Systems Handbook

REF TJ 270 .H3 1984
NBS/NRC Steam Tables

REF TJ 288 .G5213 1988
Hydraulic Design for Power Boilers

REF TJ 289 .C66 2002
Companion Guide to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

REF TJ 290 .A7 1989
ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

REF TJ 900 .P79
Pump Handbook

REF TK 145 .E354 1997
The Electrical Engineering Handbook

REF TK 151 .A5 1987
American Electricians’ Handbook

REF TK 151 .S8
Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineering

REF TK 260 .N2 1990
McGraw-Hill’s National Electrical Code Handbook

REF TK 1041 .S65 1987
Cogeneration and Small Power Production Manual

REF TK 1191 .S686
Standard Handbook of Powerplant Engineering

REF TK 2181 .H26 1987
Handbook of Electric Machines

REF TK 2821 .S88 1987
Switchgear and Control Handbook

REF TK 7825 .H37 1984
Handbook for Electronics Engineering Technicians

REF TK 7835 .E77 1989
Electronics Equations Handbook

REF TK 9012 .W6 1990
World Nuclear Industry Handbook

REF TP 151 .P45 1997
Perry’s Chemical Engineer’s Handbook

REF TS 156 .I86 1992
ISO 9000 Compendium

REF TS 156.8 .P764 1985
Process Instruments and Controls Handbook

REF TS 180 .M315 1985
Materials Handling Handbook

REF TS 180.8 .B8 1988
Bulk Materials Handling Handbook

REF TS 184 .S7 1995
Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering

REF TS 191.8 .H36 1985
Handbook of Industrial Robotics

REF TS 283 .M37 1998
Pressure Vessel Handbook


REF HD 9706.6 .U6 I78 1990
ISA Directory of Instrumentation

REF TJ 795 .D568
Diesel and Gas Turbine Worldwide Catalog

REF TK 1041 .S4 1989
Cogeneration, Small Power and Independent Power Facilities in New England

REF TK 1193 .U5 I63
Inventory of Power Plants in the U.S.


REF Q 224.3 .U6 A43 1983
Guide to U.S. Scientific and Technical Resources

REF Z 5851 .C47 1989
History of Engineering Science: an Annotated Bibliography

REF Z 7401 .C48 1987
Scientific and Technical Information Sources

REF Z 7401 .P778 1987
Core List of Books and Journals in Science and Technology

REF Z 7403 .O95 1985
Abstracts and Indexes in Science and Technology

Paper Indexes (basement) - for less current, and historical references to articles and research

Applied Science and Technology Index

Ocean Technology and Engineering

Current Technology Index

INDEX EIA (Basement)
Engineering Index Annual

Databases - for journal articles and scholarly research

Academic Search Premier some full text
Access Science some full text
Applied Science Index  
Energy Citations Database  
TRIS Transportation Research Information Service  


Web Sites

ASME Journals
Online access to the contents of journals published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Busch Cogeneration Project
Provides information on cogeneration as well as an online tour of the Busch Cogeneration Project at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

Constants and Equations Pages
Provides links to scientific constants and equations.

Delphion Intellectual Property Network
Contains descriptions of and images for U.S. patents.

Digital Unit Converter
Provides unit conversions in many categories and measurements.

Electric Power Industry Restructuring and Deregulation
Provides reports and data from DOE's Energy Information Administration on the restructuring and deregulation of the U.S. electric power industry.

Energy Citations Database
Contains bibliographic records for energy and energy-related publications from the Department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessor agencies, the Energy Research & Development Administration and the Atomic Energy Commission. The Database provides access to DOE publicly available citations from 1948 through the present, with continued growth through regular updates.

Engineering Ethics
Provides case studies and essays on engineering ethics.

Examination Questions for Merchant Mariners
Contains U.S. Coast Guard exam questions, for both deck and engine.

Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation (EPA Sector Notebook)
Provides an environmental profile, pollution data, and regulatory and compliance information for the fossil fuel electric power generation industry.

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
Gives history and illustrations of significant 20th-century engineering achievements.

Guided Tour on Wind Energy
Online textbook provides data and graphics on all aspects of wind energy.

How Many? Units of Measurement, by Russ Rowlett
Dictionary gives definitions and equivalents for all kinds of measurements.

The Invention Dimension
Includes a handbook for inventors and information on American inventors and their inventions, past and current.

Maritime Engineering Historical Research
Provides information on and illustrations of marine diesel and steam engines and some notable ships. Includes information on the engineers of the Titanic.

MIT Cogeneration Project
Information about and a tour of MIT's cogeneration plant in Cambridge, MA.

NSSN: National Resource for Global Standards
The National Standards Systems Network provides access to developing and approved U.S. and international standards.

Online Ethics Center for Engineering & Science
Provides codes of ethics from engineering and scientific professional associations, ethics guidelines, and case studies.

Shipbuilding and Repair (EPA Sector Notebook)
Provides an environmental profile, pollution data, and regulatory and compliance information for the shipbuilding and repair industry.

SNAME Journals
Online access to the contents of journals published by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.  (Passwords may be required--see librarian.)

Steam Engine Library
Collection of documents relating to the history of the steam engine.

Thomas Register
A comprehensive resource for industrial information. Go straight to the source of product, company information, CAD drawings and more.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Allows keyword searches for patents since 1976 and by patent number for earlier patents.

Virtual Laboratory
Contains computer-simulated lab experiments with engineering applications, involving design, measurement, and estimation.


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