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Nutting Memorial Library

Collections and Locations

Government Documents Maps and Charts Periodicals Special Collections
Main (Circulating) Nonprint Materials Reference  

Main Collection
2nd Floor

The circulating collection is located on the second floor. Books are arranged on the shelves by call number. The library uses the Library of Congress classification system, which employs an alpha-numeric call number scheme. The online catalog displays the location “Main” before the call number for books in the circulating collection.


2nd Floor/Basement/Online

Current issues of print journals and newspapers are shelved on the second floor. Backfiles of periodicals in print are housed in the basement, arranged alphabetically by title. Periodicals on microfiche or microfilm are kept in the basement as well, and microform readers and a scanner are available. Periodicals, whether single issues or bound volumes, cannot be checked out. Thousands of full-text journals are available online as well, through the library’s web site.



Reference Collection
1st Floor

The reference collection is located on the first floor. Reference materials include handbooks, encyclopedias, manuals, directories, and statistical sources. The online catalog displays the location “REF” before the call number for books in the reference collection. Reference books cannot be checked out.



Government Documents
2nd Floor/Basement

Online access available via the Government Printing Office's Federal Digital SystemUSA Federal Depository Library Logo

The library is a selective government depository, emphasizing maritime, engineering, oceanographic, and business documents. Government documents are cataloged, and nearly all are included in the main collection on the second floor. Readers and a scanner are available for viewing documents on microfiche. Most government documents can be checked out.

Online access to government documents is available both on- and off-campus through the above link to the Federal Digital System.

Publications included in the Federal Depository Library Program's Basic Collection are vital sources of information that support the public's right to know about the workings and essential activities of their Federal Government. To access the Basic Collection, click here.



Maps and Charts
2nd Floor

The library has a large cartographic collection from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and the National Ocean Survey. Maps and charts of the world and of the territorial waters of the U.S. are kept on the second floor, in the old Quick Hall section. Maps and charts cannot be checked out.



Special Collections
2nd Floor

The library’s Special Collections are shelved in the reading room on the second floor. Areas of strength are maritime history, Maine history, and World War II. The online catalog displays the location “Special Collection” before the call number for books held in this area. Materials in Special Collections cannot be checked out. Please see a librarian for assistance.



Nonprint Materials
1st Floor/Basement/Online

In addition to books, the library's holdings include DVDs, video cassettes, CDs and audio cassettes. Most of these nonprint materials are kept at the Circulation Desk and in the basement. Nonprint materials are included in the online catalog, and most of them can be checked out. The library also subscribes to video and audiobook databases.    



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